This is a work in progeress

Hi, I’m Rajiv Abraham and this is my linkblog built on the tenets of the IndieWeb where I post bookmarks and links to media that I want to remember and/or return to at a later date.

Like other folks, over the years I have struggled to remember and retain simple details, like a post-it note, a bookmark, a URL, the actress in the latest Hollywood blockbuster, the address to the Italian restaurant, a list of places I want to travel and visit, etc. You get the picture, we all want to do things, but most of the time we don’t actually end up doing them simply because we have forgotten all about them. More importantly, you may find yourself in need of information that you have recently accessed in the past, but cannot seemingly remember at this exact moment.

I am the same as everyone else, I cannot remember everything, and not especially when I need to or when it is important.

Of course, over the years I’ve tried a number of tools like browser bookmarks, social bookmarks, reminders, notes, sticky notes, timers, to do lists, goal posts, scrapbooking, vision boards, etc. but I have to admit it, I don’t have a photographic memory and the tools and aids just don’t cut it for me.

All of this got me thinking on a linkblog, but just like the rest of all of my ideas, it too kept getting pushed to the back of my mind.

What is a linkblog you say? It’s a regular blog, but the content itself is more of links to other websites and content. A linkblog can be a news aggregator website, a curated website, social bookmarking website, or a combination of these as well as a mix of status updates, photos, videos, etc. Needless to say, every blog and linkblog is unique and comes down to the individual preferences of the blog owner and the content creator.

My goal with Abraham’s Linkblog is to create a searchable index of interesting links, bookmarks, random stuff that I want to remember, information I want to return to at a later date, as well as information that I want to access quickly and easily.

It comes from the primary need to remember links and content, and also finding out that bookmarks (yes even Google Bookmarks) are inherently messy and broken, and difficult to get to when you want to find relevant information quickly.

Of course, I don’t intend to turn this into a microblog, and most of my regular blogging and microblogging will continue on over at Abraham’s Microblog.

With Abraham’s Linkblog hopefully, the discovery and especially the retention of information will become easier, publicly searchable, and shareable.

I will update this page from time to time with all snippets of positive and negative discoveries, how it has impacted or improved my life, etc.